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Monday, 28 May 2018

Major shaitan singh

Major shaitan singh was born on 1 december 1924 in bansar village of jodhpur district rajasthan.His father Hem Singh was also colonel in army.He studied in Rajput high school (chopasani school) jodhpur .At his school he was known for his football skill.
On 1august 1949 he joined jodhpur state army when jodhpur state merged in Indian republic he was transferred to the kuman regiment.
The dispute between India and China started in 1962.13 battlion of kuman regiment get charge of chosal sector which was attack by chinese army in early morning at 5:00 am.He gave information to their senior then  his senior told to leave the post but he decide not to leave the post . I think he take this type of decision becuse he was from rajasthan and rajasthani warrior never leave battlefield till death . Chinese army attacked three time but they fail then 400 soldier of chinese army attack from rare.Durning battle Major Shaitan Singh move from one post to another to reorganising their defense and hosting the morale of their soldier. By seeing the dangour he order his soldier to leave the post and he hide himself behind blounder and alone fight with chinese army  and  died.
In 1962 he was awarded by highest military award Paramveer Chakra. Major shaitan singh was the who was born as rajput and also die as rajput. He was true rajput becuse he serve for country till death.

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