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Friday, 27 July 2018

Indus Valley Civilization- history of India `s glorious past

Indus Valley Civilization


In this post, you will get knowledge of the Indus valley civilization but before going forward we have to understand the meaning of civilization. So the meaning of civilization is "the society, the culture and the way of life in a particular area." so in this, you will get information about the society, the culture and the way of life in ancient Indus valley. The first site of Indus Valley was discovered in 1921 by Dayaram Shani.
Location of Indus Valley

As you see in the above map the Indus Valley civilization spread mostly in Pakistan and in North West India but exceptionally two sites found in Afghanistan namely Soturgohi and Mundigak. In Pakistan, its sites found in South Baluchistan, in Sindh, and in Punjab (Pakistan) and in India, its sites mostly found in Punjab(India), in Haryana, in Rajasthan, and in Gujrat.

History of Indus valley excavation

In 1856 Cuningham first director of Archeological Survey of India found the Harappan seal on which image of the bull was mentioned but he cannot explain the importance of that seal. In 1912 J.F Fleet give his report on Indus Valley in Royal Asiatic Society but he also not explain the importance of this civilization. In 1921 the day will come when Dayaram Shani discover the first site of Indus Valley civilization name Harappa and one year after in 1922 R.D Banerjee discover Mohanjo-Daro. Today almost 2800 sites were excavated.

Time Period Of Indus Valley Civilization

There are many different opinions of historians about the period of the Indus Valley Civilization here I will mention some opinion
Historian Time period
John Marshell 3250b.c to 2750b.c
Mech 2800b.c to 2500b.c
Martin Wheller 2500b.c to 1500b.c and 2500b.c to 1700b.c
M.S Vathsa 3500b.c to2700b.c
Dharmpal Agarwal 2300b.c to 1700b.c

Important Site Of Indus Valley

1 Harappa

In 1921 Dayaram Shani discovered Harappa on the bank of the river Ravi and in 1923-24 under the leadership of John Marshell, Dayaram Shani excavated the Harappa. This city looks like an administrative city.

R-37 is the Dead Men line (Graveyard) and H.R is the Burial found in Harappa.
Grainery was also found in Harappa
Other important this found here are a copper scale, bones of a donkey and human copper sculpture
2 Mohenjo -Daro

In 1922 R.D Banerjee discover this site, this site is situated on the bank of the river Indus. This city is also called the mound of death and the garden of the desert, this city looks like a spiritual city.

Here we found the ancient proof of Malariya and Silver
Great bath and sculpture of dancing girl found her
  • e
dancing girl

to know more open-Indus Valley Civilization- history of  India `s glorious past part 2

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