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Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Indus Valley Civilization- history of India `s glorious past

                   Indus Valley Civilization

In this post, I will share some more information about the Indus valley civilization which I started in my previous post. so here I continue with "Important sites "

Important Sites 

3 Kalibanga

Kalibanga was discovered by Amlanand Ghose on the bank of the river Ghagra and this was excavated by B.B Lal and V.K Thapar. Some Historian say Kalibanga was "Third Capital" of Indus Valley
  • Bones of Camel found.
  •  Wooden Drainage Line found.
  • 7 rectangular altar of fire found 
  • The oldest evidence of Earthquake was found 

4 Lothal

Lothal was discovered by S.R.Rao in 1954 and excavated in1957-1958. S.R.Rao give it the name of "Small Harappa" and "Small Mohenjo-Daro". It was surrounded by the wall and it looks like a commercial city. 
  • The oldest Dockyard was found
  • Circular and Square shape fire altar found
  • Copper sculpture of the dog, rabbit, bull, and duck found
  • Wooden Grainery and Ruler' s house found
  • The scale of Elephant teeth was found

5 Dholavira

Dholavira was discovered by J.P.Joshi and it is situated between the river Manhar and Manshara and in 1967-68 it was excavated by R.S.Visth.It is a rectangular city and divided into three part namely fort, middle city, and city.
  • Stadium and Playground was found 
  • Part of the polished white stone found
  • A pond was found in which they store rainwater

Indus Valley script

The script of Indus  Valley has more than 400 characters and first Cunningham found this script on the seal of a bull. Many historians try to read the script but they fail so the script was not read yet.

The social life 

There was a social difference in the Indus society. The society was divided into Priest, Warrior, Trader, and Labour. The evidence of the slavery system was found and the society was matriarchal.

Food supplements 

Indus people were both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Rice, Barley, Millet, Honey, Sheep, and Goat were their main food supplement

Religious beliefs 

The people of Indus Valley worship the goddess and early stage of Lord Shiva name Pashupati. They also worship water, trees, and animals. In trees, they mostly worship Neem and Pipal and they were not familiar with temples.

Trade and Commerce 

They practice the barter system for trade. they do trade with Mesopotamia, Egypt, Persia and with Central Asia.

The decline of the Indus valley

There was a great thought difference between historian about the decline of this civilization. Many historians say that due Aryan Invader this civilization decline and other say due to flood it was destroyed and much other say that it was declined due to climatic change.


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