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Tuesday, 7 August 2018

war that change the Indian history


     War That change Indian History

  1. Dashrajan war
detail of this war was given in the 7th division of Rigveda. This war was fought between King Sudas, the ruler of Bharat dynasty and the 10 kings of India. the reason for this war was to remove Viswamitra from the priest position by King Sudas. Viswamitra made a group of 10 kings who fought with King Sudas. In this war, King Sudas win.

2. War of Hydaspes

This war took place between Alexender the great and Porus in 326B.C. This war was fought near the Jhelum river. In this war, Alexender won and Porus was caught. Seeing Porus self-esteem Alexender overcame him instead of killing him

3. Seleucid Mauryan war

Seleucus was the ruler of Syria and commander of Alexender. He invaded India in 305B.C. In 303B.C Chandragupta Maurya beat him and made a treaty with him. Under this treaty, Seleucus married his daughter with Chandragupta.

 4. Kalinga war      

This war was fought between King Ashoka and the Kalinga kingdom in 261B.C. Ashoka's victory took place in this war but Ashoka's heart changed as a result of the horrific massacre in the war and he adopted Buddhism. Now Ashoka promotes "Dham" instead of war.

5. First Battle of Terrain                         

In 1191A.D, this war was fought between Mohammad Gohri and Prithviraj Chauhan, ruler of Delhi. Gohri had a very bad defeat in this war, but Chauhan made a big mistake of leaving him alive, which proved very fierce for him and India.

6. Second Battle of Terrain

A year after the first battle of Terrain, in 1192A.D Gohri again attacked India, but this time the dice turned up and Prithviraj's army could not stand against Gohri's organized army and Prithviraj was defeated. This war was the decisive battle in the Indian History because this war laid the foundation of Muslim rule in India.

7. First Battle of Panipat

This war was fought between Babur and last sultan Ibrahim Lodhi of Delhi on April 20, 1526. Ibrahim and his army challenged the Babur's army but in the end, Ibrahim Lodhi lost the war and died in the battlefield. This war broke the back of the Lodhi power and the entire area of Delhi and Agra reached Babur's hand. This war laid the foundation of the powerful Mughal empire.

7. Battle of Khanwa

When Babur won the battle of Panipat and became the king of Delhi, then his contemporary King who could become the barrier to his victory was Maharana Sangha of Mewar. So it was possible to have a war between them and on 17 March 1527, this historic war was fought on the field of Khanwa. Maharana was getting victorious at the beginning of the war but suddenly Rana felt an arrow and he fell unconscious. Later Maharana army was maiden by Jhala Ajha, in which he was defeated. 

8. Second Battle of Panipat

 This war was fought between Akbar's guardian Bairam  Khan and Adil Shah Suri's wazir Hemu on 5th November 1556. In this war, the Mughals took over Hemu's artillery, but initially, war is in favor of Hemu but suddenly an arrow took place in Hemu's eyes and he fell unconscious. Afghans were defeated and Hemu was killed

9. Battle of Haldighati

 On 18 June 1576, the war between Akbar’s commander Man Singh and Rana Partap of Mewar was fought in Haldighati. The number of Rana's army in this war was 3000 and the army of Mughals was number 5000. in this war, Rana and his army fought bravely but in the end, victory was only for the Mughals. There is a misconception about this war that it was a Hindu Muslim war, but it can not be true because in this war commander of Mughal army was the Hindu king Man Singh and Hakim Khan, a Rana commander who was a Muslim  

10. Battle of Plassy

Battle of Plassy occurred between Sirajud-daula and Robert Clive on 23 June 1757. in this war, the strength of Nawab army was 50000 and the strength of the British army was only 3200 but due to the commander of Nawab, Mir Jafar British won the battle. Nawab runs away to the Patna where he was murdered by Mir Jafar son. This war laid the foundation of British rule in India.

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